Helmut Uhlmann

by Helmut Uhlmann

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released April 30, 2015

All songs written, performed and produced by Helmut Uhlmann. Recorded by Rick Will and Helmut Uhlmann at Bunk Bed Beats Songwriting and Production Suite. Mixed by Rick Will. Mastered by Adam McElnea at Sonamax.



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Helmut Uhlmann Sydney, Australia

Helmut Uhlmann's electronic fairy dust and acoustic vibes ooze cathartic introspection, with the AU Review describing him an "avant-garde electro man". After spending years neglecting his love of songwriting and performing in favour of carving a relatively "safe" career in event organisation, live sound and studio production, Helmut has dropped it all to align his energy with his dream. ... more

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Track Name: Walls
Make me scared
Make me aware
Let me absorb
Let me care

'Cause I don't want to say I'm sorry
As I stare at the floor, at the ceiling these walls
Around me
They're always around me
They're always around
They're always around

Make me strong
Make me long for this
Let me be weak
Let me be wrong

If this world were a ship
Then I'd be an iceberg
Once the water leaks words are just words
This world is a ship
And I am an iceberg
Once the water leaks words are just words
Track Name: Witch Hunt
Freeze now in my liquid nitrogen
I will break you
Free from the chains inside you
I will save you

Burn now let my flames reside in you
I will cleanse you
Stare down the smoke and watch it blind you
I will send you

But as I climb into the sky
I sift through dreams that rain down lies
The witch's ashes start to rise
Narcotic flashes of alibis

I don't know how to tell you
If there's anything left to tell at all

I don't know who to blame
Now that you are gone
Should I freeze the flame and melt the ice and drink the rain?
Another witch hunt has begun

The demons have reasons true angels will never know
Were they witches or people or statues on a steeple and should I want to know?
I guess this is growing up
I'd better rise with it 'cause I can't rise back up
Track Name: Bubbles
Bubbles in a bottle trying to escape
Before the cap was twisted they weren’t there in the first place
Try as hard as they may, they’ll never really taste
Past their plastic cage, their elastic rage

Swim won’t you swim
Don’t you ever let them sink
They are all we really have
They are all we really ever had

Some find a loophole but where do they go?
Assimilate the fresh air and feel the breeze grow
Soon enough a tornado rises from down low
But where is that bubble that we know?

Don’t you miss this?
Track Name: Madmen
You are a beautiful poison but I don't want to water you down
Each gulp feels so important but each gulp comes around

Like doctor Manhattan I'm a million miles away
A madman in a mad world on a sane holiday

And I don't know what's right in this life the comedian paved
We see through the hype as we read through the blurb and we're saved

We're madmen
Mortal madmen chained in a cave

Now you've found an elixir but I don't want to water you down
'Cause each gulp feels so important but each gulp is something lost now found

Well this light burns so bright
It could burn right through these chains, could we burn right through these chains?
As I take another sip
Could we burn right through these chains? Could we burn right through these chains?
Track Name: My Pocket
I don't think you know just what it means
To be buried in the snow in the hot summer greens
The sense of relief is ruined by the cold
I balance it too steep and with a two pair I fold

Not this time
Not any more
I wish that I could put you in my pocket right now
If only I could put you in my pocket right now

Cards on the table, no poker faces now
The roof feels like a fable, the snow is barrelling down
The sun melts the white, it turns grey with the dirt
It rains down on the greens, and we're left with just hurt

But you gotta run so free
So far from me
Please don't, please don't
Please don't, I won't