Fire Eater

by Helmut Uhlmann



Why are you in my mind?
Like the fire in the sky
Goes to sleep but never dies
It never dies

She's feeding me lies
I taste and I abide
Like the fire in the sky
I burn to stay alive

Fire Eater

One, two, do I need you?

You're only in my heart
You're only in my soul
You're only a part of a world so whole that I can't swallow

I can't swallow
I can't swallow
Branches grow
From a trunk so hollow

Lines blurred by the times
Like fire in the sky
Semantically vague rhymes
Pacing through my mind

Like signs, burned by your whines
Charred, dark but alive
Like the fire in the sky
No, they never die


released 01 March 2013



all rights reserved


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Helmut Uhlmann Sydney, Australia

Inspired by life, the world and an insatiable curiosity, Helmut Uhlmann's industrial electro sound is characterised by its anthemic melodies, massive beats and searing synths. With live sets which incorporate on-the-spot beat creation, Helmut leaves his audiences captivated and hungry for more. ... more

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